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Castles and their legends

Etwinning project about castles and their legends was launched in September 2011. Pupils from the Czech Republic, Spain, Slovakia and Poland are discovering castles and their legends and together creating an amazing collection.

Our project in Lisbon 2013!

Mrs. Alena Holasova from Ostrava primary school was invited by Czech etwinning national agency to represent at etwinning annual konference in Lisbon in Portugal. She presented her projects at Intercultural Understanding Stand. Of course, our project Castles and their legends was introduced too. This time visitors could admire great Bratislava school comics on the laptop and watch videos with Ostrava pupils teaching Czech language and learning Turkish language through English. They also saw our film about the horse with the green mane. 



Our project in Berlin 2012!

Mrs. Adriana Lipkova from Bratislava primary school was chosen by Slovak etwinning agency to represent Slovakia at etwinning conference held in Berlin, Germany. And she decided to introduce our project. At the presentation below you can learn more about the conference.





Comics based on legends

11. 1. 2014


A horse with green mane

11. 1. 2014


A cursed monl

29. 3. 2012


The burried sword under Zobor

4. 3. 2012

A legend about king Svatopluk who decided enter a monastyr and burried his sword and crown under Zobor.


Devil´s furrow

4. 3. 2012

A legend about two brothers and the herritage. One brother gets advice from his friend Zuzana to kill his brother Peter. But Zuzana dies and a devil takes into the hell. Brothers see it and reconcile.


A legend about a frog´s well

4. 3. 2012

A frog helps a girl orphant at a well and later he marries her.


A legend about smart shephard Matej and the king

4. 3. 2012

A king comes to smart shephard Matej. He has many questions and shephard gives mu smart answers.


A legend about a waterman who changed into a horse with green mane

4. 3. 2012

This legend is about a waterman who loved dancing. He danced with women going to market. The men did not like it and caught. The waserman changed into a horse with green mane.


A legend about a boy and an eagle saving Bratislava from Turks

4. 3. 2012

A young man goes brings food to Bratislava when it is sieged by Turks. When the Turks almost catches and eagle comes and throws the Turks into the river.


A legend about knight Juraj who saved a girl from the dragon

4. 3. 2012

This legend explains the origin of town St Jur located near Bratislava. A knight Juraj saved the dukes daughter from a dragon. A fountain in the Bratislava castle commemorates his deed.