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A cursed monl

29. 3. 2012

English version

A cursed monk in Deserted castle
A cursed monk lived under Deserted castle.His name was Barát. He wasn´t a normal monk. He had one human leg and one horse leg. He wore baggy clothes and he used a rope instead of a belt. He held some keys. He walked with them to the cellars of Deserted castle to see if all doors were properly closed. Sometimes he looked into barrels with gold. Sometimes he showed himself to those people who collected the fruits or wood in the forest. He usually showed himself as a monk, sometimes as an animal. Sometimes he called to people or jingled with keys. In addition, he pointed to the door of the cellar. He tried to deceive people and make them to guard a treasure instead of himself.
Jakob Rolík, Ján Fábry