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Jaume el Conquired - James I

(2 February 1208 – 27 July 1276)

Jaume el Conquired is the Catalan name for James I. He was the King of Aragon, Count of Barcelona, and Lord of Montpellier from 1213 to 1276. He expanded the Crown of Aragon on all sides: into Valencia to the south, Languedoc to the north, and the Balearic Islands to the east. By a treaty with Louis IX of France, he integrated the county of Barcelona from nominal France into his crown. As a legislator and organizer, he occupied a high place among the Spanish kings. He was important for the development of Catalan, sponsored Catalan literature and wrote a partly-autobiographical chronicle of his reign called the Llibre dels fets.

A legend about a bat who saved Jaume I army and got into the coat of arms of the Valencia city is here.

A legend about the king who did not keep his promise to his daughter and must look at Alicante castle surroundings forever is here.

obrazek2-kral-upr.jpg obrazek3_mece_upr.jpg obrazek4_mapa.jpg

 You can find the power point presentation created by school from Alicante, Spain here.




James I became the lord of Monpellier in 1213. He forced the unruly nobility to submit to his authority and took them to his military expeditions. The conquest of Mallorca was from 1229 to 1232. In 1238, James I conquered Valencia city. He gave the city laws to  the Valencian people. In 1271 James I finished the Mudejar revolt of Alicante and organized the municipal government.


Jakub I, Dobyvatel, se stal vládcem Monpellier v roce 1213. Přinutil odbojnou šlechtu, aby se vzdala jeho autoritě a vzal je na válečné tažení. Dobývání Mallorky trvalo od roku 1229 do roku 1232. V roce 1238 dobyl Jakub I město Valencii. Stanovil městské zákony pro obyvatele Valencie. V roce 1271 Jakub I ukončil povstání evropských Muslimů v Alicante zorganizoval městskou vládu.

In the Middle Ages, the Catalan people used to write a short story similar to a comic strip.It was called AUCA. An auca was often written in verse.

auca1.jpg auca3.jpg auca4.jpg auca9.jpg

You can see more examples of Auca created by children from Alicante, Spain here.

You can find the power point presentation created by school from Alicante, Spain here.



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