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A horse with green mane

11. 1. 2014

One waterman enjoyed watching young girls who were going to a market. They always danced when they were walking around the pond. One day the waterman came to the girls and danced with them. Unfortunatelly, men from the village saw him with the girls and they got angry. They chased him. The waterman could not get back to his pond so he changed himself into a horse with a green mane. The men found him. And the innkeeper recognized the waterman and took the horse with him to the pub to work. The waterman could not change back and ran away because the smart innkeeper did not give him anything to drink. A boy felt sorry for the horse and gave him water. The horse changed back into the waterman. He was happy and asked the boy what he would like to have. The boy asked for a water mill. The waterman gave the boy money to buy the watermill one day. (In our film he gets a model of the mill.) 

This story was written buy pupils from Bratislava school, they also draw this legend as a comic. The legend was translated by Mrs. Buronova from Ostrava. The film is acted by pupils from Ostrava who liked the comics very much.